Friday, 15 June 2012

Blog 22: What do dating and Euro 2012 have in common?

In case you missed it, Euro 2012 kicked off last Friday!

Now, I’m all about being a girly girl, but I do love a good game of footy.  

I especially love the Euros and World cup.  

Any excuse to spend a whole weekend on the couch eating Snickers, with a hot water bottle and a blanket!  

In case you didn’t know Germany are favourite to win. 

Watching them you recognise the importance of team work.  

Their formation, skill and unity are second to none.  

Portugal on the other hand a relying on one key player – a certain Mr Cristiano Ronaldo.  

Now he is a fantastic striker (not to mention he’s a bit of a dish), but he’s leading his team and not doing a particularly great job. 

Ronaldo is coming off the back of a great season, and expecting to do everything.  

But that isn’t want makes a good team, or a good relationship for that matter.  

After plenty of observation (and experience), I believe I’ve decided that there a lot of similarities between relationships and the footy. 

The best relationships don’t just rely on the best player.  

The best team have set pieces, they work together, and the unhealthy ones have strikers with solo or hidden agendas. 

Healthy relationships involve passing the ball to each other, there’s no hidden agenda and you’re working together equally to win.  

If you’re playing with a Ronaldo – then he’s probably egotistical and has his own game to be played.  

He will assume that he can run with the ball because that’s what he wants to do.  

He is leading the team regardless of what you want to do.  

You’ll know if you’re involved with a Ronaldo, because the second you get the ball, he’ll get disheartened.  

He won’t follow it through. He may even stop playing.  

Or he’ll start waving his hands about so frantically that you’ll cave in and give him the ball.  

The mid-fielders (you) are there to simply pass him the ball and boost his ego.  

He doesn’t want you to step up to the goal and put the needed effort in to win.  

He’s controlling. He is the striker.  

This is his game.  

Midfielders basically take a backseat in a relationship with Ronaldo.  

They get pushed aside because they are less likely to score, then the person in front.  

Some midfielders will carry on with Ronaldo’s game because they assume this is what ‘love’ is about, so they keep their head down and keep passing the ball, with no such luck.  

These midfielders don’t pay attention to the fans impatient chants, or continuous yellow and red cards.  
They hope that Ronaldo might change.  

That things will get better.  That they might win the game. 

But as long as you keep allowing Ronaldo to take control then you will continue to take a backseat.  

The best football teams and relationships require tight formations and unity 

Try watching Germany in Euro 2012.

Why are they so good? 

They pass the ball.  

The equally want it just as much.  

Basically they are all playing the same game.  

Scoring the same goal 

This is how a relationship should work.  

Next time you meet a guy ask yourself is this team work or are you playing for a losing side?

Thoughts? xx


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