Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Blog 21: Sending sext messages!

Ok this isn’t a blog about sending rude texts…. But it got your attention right?

Blog 21 out of 52; it's getting tough to keep writing but I'm still thoroughly enjoying it and hope you are too!

Today’s blog is to actually ask (beg!) for your votes, especially if you’ve liked what you’ve read so far.

Cosmopolitan magazine has a 2012 blog of the year competition with a category for ‘relationships and sex’

These are voted for by the public, which means that I can ask my family, friends, Twitter and Facebook followers to rally the troops and get the blog into the shortlists!

The link to nominate is here, if you could be so kind as to click it:


Please vote, but also pass this on to everyone you know and hopefully I’ll be able to gather some votes! 

Just click on the links below to post it this to your facebook, twitter and email.

Fingers crossed and much love always

Grace x

(P.S. The real blog 21 will come later this week!)


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