Monday, 5 March 2012

Blog 10: Why your best friend is better than a boyfriend...

When you first step out into the world of dating, it’s fairly easy to lose yourself in a scrambling race to meet the man of your dreams.

It’s dangerously quick to become hooked on the obsession to find your Mr Right, so much so, that before you know it, you’ve forgotten all about the relationships that really matter…. the friendships that will be there through thick and thin.

The importance of a Best Friend.  

This weekend I went to Barcelona with one of my nearest and dearest, Rachel.

I’ve known Rachel since I was 12 years old; she has seen me at my best and at my worst (dodgy home-cut fringe, 1999). I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.  And, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend our holiday with anyone else.

Of course it would have been nice to walk hand in hand with Mr Right through the narrow streets of the Barri Gotic. I’d love to be treated to a romantic picnic in Park Guell, or wander around the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya whilst he read me Lorca.  But, I have many years to come to live in romantic bliss with the man of my dreams. That’s what the very distant future holds.

Now, at this age, is the only time I can prioritise what is the most important of friendships.  

Now is the only time I can run havoc on the streets of Barcelona with my partner in crime, drinking sangria till our teeth turn blue, eating enough tapas to cause a Patas Bravas famine, salsa dancing the night away in the Harlem Jazz Club with the locals,…. What happens in Espana stays in Espana…

Now is the time to enjoy singleness with the best of friends.

21 reasons why your best friend is always better than a boyfriend
1)       You can text your best friend repeatedly on a drunken night out – the next day she’ll find it hilarious.
2)       A best friend doesn’t get jealous when you chat to boys – she just joins in the fun.
3)       A bestfriend likes shopping as much as you.
4)       A best friend likes chocolate as much as you.
5)       Your best friend will always watch the latest romcom. In fact, she probably invited you to the cinema with her.
6)       Your best friend carries emergency tampons.
7)       You will have the worst arguments with your best friend (I once deleted Rachel off Facebook). You will eventually look back at these moments fondly and laugh at the stupidity.
8)       Your relationship has no use-by-date.
9)       Your best friend will never refer to you as ‘her back home’, ‘the Mrs.’, or ‘the ball and chain’.
10)   Your best friend will never tell you she needs ‘space’.
11)   You can have lots of best friends J
12)   You can comfortably wear no make up in front of your best friend.
13)   Your best friend doesn’t booty call you.
14)   Your best friend is happy to gossip about celebrities because she understands that’s how women communicate.
15)   Your parents like your best friend
16)   Your best friend can be shorter than you
17)   Your best friend understands your dilemmas about men because she has the exact same problems.
18)   You can put as many kisses on the end of a text to your best friend – she won’t ever think you’re being needy.
19)   You can borrow your best friend’s deodorant without smelling like a boy.
20)    Your best friend knows exactly how many people you’ve slept wth.
21)    When all the men have left, your best friend is still there!

Pretty awesome list!

Thanks for helping me write it Rachel x


  1. my best friend tripping i think sometimes is coz she 1 grade below me but not really she left me and started hanging out with a group of basketball players meaning passing next to me in the schools hallways as if we are strangers. i seriously dont understand whats wrong with her

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